The home office is a place where important documents are created and stored, where essential paperwork is filed and work undertaken. It can be the base for your own business, or the place where you store family papers and documents. Whichever it is in your home, it is a place that needs to be practical, functional and organised.

There are all kinds of pieces of furniture that lend themselves well to an office, at home or in a workplace. An often-underutilised piece of furniture is the office bookcase.

If you are doubting the need for a bookcase in your home office, take a look at what this versatile piece of office furniture brings to a workspace and what Big Furniture Warehouse can offer you in our great and varied range;

1 Accessible storage solution

When you are busy, you want to be able to lay your hands-on items – files, papers, books and so forth – easily and quickly. Accessibility is key in a busy office environment, not just to get hold of things but to store them away quickly too. Anything that takes too much effort often means we create a pile of things to ‘put away later’… except that rarely happens.

Bookcases, along with desks and cabinets, should offer the means to both retrieve and store items quickly, and with minimal fuss. Here at Big Furniture Warehouse, we have a variety of options to fit whatever you need to store on your bookcase.

2 Stylish

The bookcase doesn’t have to stand forlorn in the corner, all by its self. The bookcase can, along with other office furniture, be stylish and noticeable. Why not create a bank of bookcases that not only look stylish but offer practical and functional solutions to your storage needs? With the great prices on offer here, you may find you can afford more than you'd thought.

3 Range of sizes and combinations

Bookcases come in a range of sizes from half-height, three shelve units to larger units that can fill an entire wall.

You don’t have to opt for one size of bookcase. You can create a pleasant feature in your office, using different sizes of bookcases next to each other to create depth and texture. Also, there are some bookcases that have thinner shelves – perfect for light items being stored – and of course, you want complete flexibility when it comes to depth of space between one shelf and another.

Fixed shelving has its place in the office but for maximum versatility, choose bookcases with shelves that can be easily adjusted to you make full use of the space available. Also, you can opt for more shelves if needed too.

4 They Can act as room divider too

In an office, you may want to create zones or spaces that serve different purposes. One way of creating these zones is to use room dividers – and bookcases in the office can do just that!

Bookcases are sturdy pieces of furniture and providing the items on the shelves are not too heavy, they make well-balanced room dividers - allowing you to create a space for work that is cordoned off from the rest of the house.

5 Colours and finish

There is no reason why an office – a workplace or home study – cannot be stylish. In fact, with our range of attractive and functional bookcases, your workspace will be fabulous.

Why not take a look at the range of bookcases we have here at Big Furniture Warehouse, and spruce up your office space for less than you'd expect?

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