An essential part of any home is the bathroom. It plays a crucial role in the function of any household and whether you see it as a purely functional area or a luxurious retreat, there’s plenty of ways you can spruce it up with the right bathroom furniture and accessories to ensure it looks great and stays nice and tidy.

It doesn’t matter what size bathroom you’re working with, using the right bathroom furniture and accessories can transform even the smallest of spaces into a welcoming and relaxing area in your home. And here’s some inspiration to help you make the most of your bathroom and create a stunning area for everyday use.

Multi-use Furniture

One of the greatest challenges many homeowners face with bathrooms is utilising the space to incorporate all the practical elements, such as a toilet, bath, shower and basin with storage and style.

As you’d expect, the essential elements of a bathroom take up a large majority of wall space, so finding ways to create effective bathroom storage to keep everything tucked away can be difficult. However, you can have the best of both worlds with the right bathroom cabinet that combines storage and a wash basin. Basin cabinet comes in a number of classic or contemporary designs for storage, making the perfect alternative to a traditional basin. By making good use of the area underneath the basin that is usually wasted, the sink will sit on top of the basin cabinet and provide plenty of bathroom storage below.


Use The Wall Space

The other way to make good use of space with bathroom storage is to use wall space. This is particularly useful in smaller bathrooms, where a lot of furniture on the floor can make it look cluttered. Often in bathrooms there are large areas of wall space that go unused, which can provide the ideal spot to add a nice bathroom feature and a practical storage area. Choosing the right wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, that combines a mirror with multiple storage solutions can make a huge difference. You’ll have a convenient cupboard above your basin to keep your daily essentials stowed away, whilst also add a new dimension to the look and feel of your bathroom.

In addition to this, you can also incorporate shelves on the walls that can be dressed with funky baskets for stashing away toiletries or stylish accessories to match your bathroom colour scheme.

Choose Tall Units

Another consideration if you’re looking for more storage in small or large bathrooms is to go for tall, slim cupboards or drawer designs. These styles will sit neatly in a corner or in the middle of a wall without taking up too much floor space in the process, providing you with plenty of storage for cosmetics, cleaning products and linen. Alternatively, if space isn’t an issue, adding an ottoman style hamper for storing linens and towels, will give your bathroom more storage and a beautiful feature that doubles up as a seating area too.

Making the most of your bathroom is easy when you choose the right pieces that suit your style and functional requirements. You can have all the storage space you need with a fantastic looking bathroom too.

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