Bunk Beds

Making sure every child has a comfortable bed isn’t always easy when space is limited.

Bunk beds are great space savers, taking up half the floor space as two single beds, which means more room for toys and games. Children also get to experience the fun of picking the right bed for them, or switching when one wants to sleep on the bottom bunk, and the other wants the top bunk.

We have a wide selection of bunk beds, including space-saving three-foot beds for younger children and even those with a larger frame to accommodate up to three children. Triple sleepers can sleep, as the name suggests, three children, or provide more mattress space in the bottom bunk. Triple sleepers can be ideal for kids who want to sleep on a larger mattress whilst still ensuring both children are sleeping in the same room.

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All of our bunk beds are safety and quality tested, so you can sleep easy knowing your children are supported by a sturdy frame able to withstand a certain amount of carrying on.

We have a range of metal and wooden bunk beds, in pine, oak, white, black, silver and pink. With our range of materials and colours, you should have no problem finding a bunk bed suitable for the colour scheme, style and other furniture in your child’s bedroom.

Our bunk beds all come flat pack to ensure speedy delivery, so please follow instructions carefully when constructing the bunk bed. It might also be worth testing an adults weight on the step ladders and top bunk to ensure the bed is safe and secure. After that, let your kids have the fun of picking who gets top and bottom bunk!

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Please call us on 01282 698800 and ask what we can do for you; if we don’t have something in stock you need, we may be able to find and ship it to you! Phone lines are open Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 5 PM and Friday from 10 AM to 3:30 PM. All UK deliveries are FREE and if your new bunk bed or any other piece of furniture you want is in stock, can be delivered the next working day. Please check our delivery page for more details.


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