Chairs for children’s rooms


A child’s room is much more than just a place to sleep. It should be a welcoming and inviting space to spend their time, to be alone or to be with friends, to play or to read or just to sit and think – but most of all, to be happy, safe and comfortable. With that in mind, when furnishing a child’s room, think beyond the standard bed, wardrobe and bedside table – think of children’s storage solutions, of children’s chests of draws, of desks for children’s rooms and even for their own comfortable place to sit and just be.

Perhaps it’s not a child’s room you’re making over, but a space in the living room, or a playroom. Again, it’s lovely for children to have their very own specially child sized furniture – whether it’s a comfy arm chair, a sweet rocking chair – or a versatile storage bench. Here at we have everything you need when choosing the right chair for your child’s own room, play area or space.

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