Of all the items of furniture you need, one of the biggest investments you will make is in a dining set. The dining room chairs and table will be with you for many years to come. You will sit around it countless times, enjoying meals with family and friends.

It may be the space that your children complete their homework, the place you sit and enjoy company of friends and the place you retreat to when you need a flat surface to carry out anything and everything from sewing to reading, writing to chopping veg.

They are versatile, they are stylish and they are practical but getting the right dining set that will last for years may be tougher than you think when you see the wide range of dining room furniture on offer.

Space and dimensions

If you don’t have a large amount of dining space, you will be looking for a dining set that offers you the same level of practicality and functionality, but without the extra-large dimensions.

The great news is that there are several space-saving dining sets on offer. Take a look at the foldaway dining sets or the stowaway dining sets, perfect for when space is limited.

Shape: round, oval, rectangular and square

It’s important to consider the shape of the table. Long, rectangular tables are great for larger families and dinner parties, but many people feel more connected with their family and friends around a round table.

Square tables are great for fitting into corners and oval tables offer a little more space in a smaller room.

Dining chairs: style, colour and material

A big consideration will be the chairs included in dining sets. There are all kinds of styles available and here are some factors you may want to consider:

  • Style of the chair – the current fashion is for high backed chairs. They look almost stately and regal but in a smaller room, they can swamp the space. If you are limited on space, lower backed chairs will make the room feel more open and airy.
  • Upholstery – there is no doubt that an upholstered dining chair with a padded seat is far more comfortable. However, choose the fabric carefully as some lighter fabrics may not withstand the rigors of a sticky fingers and pets very well. Leather or vinyl covering works great for wiping away spills. If you do opt for fabric, consider treating it with a stain-repellent coating.
  • Colour – don’t assume that the only way for a dining set to last years in your home is for it to be neutral in colour or tone. Many people choose the dining set that appeals to them and then change the colour of the décor over the years that complement or contrast against the dining set.

There are other factors too – plastic seating, for example, is incredibly practical in a family home, as well as injecting a modern-look into a space.

And don’t forget, there are sideboards and bookcases that also perfectly complement your fabulous new dining set…so why not take a look at the other ranges we have on offer!


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  1. Luxor Dining Set Grey Chairs
    20% OFF
    Luxor Dining Set Grey Chairs In Stock
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  2. Corona Dining Sets
    Corona Dining Sets In Stock
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  3. Solid rubber wood dining table set with grey finish
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    Kent Dining Table Set In Stock
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  4. Luxor Dining Set Brown Chairs
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    Luxor Dining Set Brown Chairs In Stock
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  5. Luxor Dining Sets
    Luxor Dining Sets In Stock
    From £215.00
  6. Grey and Oak effect dining set with table and two benches
    Avon Table and Bench Set Grey Available Soon
  7. blue painted two tone wooden flip dining table with oak top
    Agen Flip-Top Table Blue Available Soon
  8. Cream and natural wood effect dining set with benches
    Lancaster Cream Dining Set Available Soon
  9. blue painted wooden two tone extending 1.2m dining table with oak top
    Agen 1.2m Extending Blue Available Soon
  10. Cairo Dining Sets
    Cairo Dining Sets Available Soon
  11. Grey wooden dining set of square table and 2 chairs with antique wax coloured table top and seat top
    Corona 2 Chair Square Table Available Soon
  12. Wooden mango medium dining table with metal legs
    Winston Medium Dining Table Available Soon
  13. Solid rubber wood extending-table dropleaf dining set
    Chicago Dropleaf Dining Set Available Soon
  14. Solid rubber wood extending dining set
    Chicago Extending Dining set Available Soon
  15. Grey breakfast dining set with foldable table and 2 stools, with antique wax table and stool tops
    Corona Breakfast Dining Set Available Soon
  16. grey painted wooden two tone extending dining table with oak top
    Grenada 1.2m Extending Grey Available Soon

Items 1-48 of 61

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