Mirrors can really add something to your home, reflecting light (be it sunlight or artificial light, a well placed mirror can really brighten up a room), creating the illusion of more space and light, and generally enriching your decor. Mirrors are not just for checking your appearance – although it’s great they have a practical use, too! At Big Furniture Warehouse, we have a wide range of mirrors and mirrored furniture, in a range of styles from cool and contemporary to classically traditional to suit any room in any home.

Using mirrors to give the impression of space

Smaller rooms can often be given a feeling of more space and depth with mirrors. A big mirror carefully sited in a smaller room creates a feeling of depth – so don’t be afraid of big, ornate mirrors or long, sleek mirrors. Try hanging a large mirror in the dining room to reflect an elaborate light fitting, or place a mirror opposite a favourite piece of art or a family portrait. Indeed, the right mirror, carefully chosen to complement the style of your home can almost be a piece of artwork in its own right. Narrow hallways and other tight spaces will also really benefit from a mirror or two to open up the space.

The beauty of a fireplace mirror

A stunning fireplace – whether classic, ornate, sleek or contemporary – will always be enhanced by a large mirror hung above it. The ancient art of Feng Shui advocates placing mirrors above fireplaces, as apparently, doing so invites good energy into the room. The mirror is considered to be a water element, and so it’s also thought to bring balance and therefore harmony when hung above the fire.

How to choose what’s right for you

Try to ensure that mirrors aren’t hung just for the sake of it, and that what they reflect is worth looking at. It may seem obvious, but don’t hang mirrors opposite the toilet for example, or a messy and cluttered desk or workspace. Mirrors in the kitchen are not a great idea, either - although a mirrored splash back or shiny chrome and stainless steel accessories can offer similar light reflecting properties to mirrors in other rooms of the house.

Not just for the wall

Of course, mirrors don’t always need to be wall hung. They can be free standing or set upon a dressing table or hall cupboard. Tall mirrors simply leant up against a wall, or in a corner, are perfect in a bedroom or dressing room. With the right lighting, they can really add a cosy glow to a room, too. Mirrored furniture can also give the appearance of more space – totally mirrored furniture appears to ‘disappear’ in a room. A mirrored wardrobe is a practical choice as it can free up wall or floor space, but it will also reflect light into a bedroom or dressing room. A mirrored bathroom cabinet will have a similar effect – and again, is incredibly practical. Why not choose a couple of new mirrors from Big Furniture Warehouse today and site them thoughtfully in your home? You’ll be thrilled with the effect they have – and with the price too!

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