Nests of Tables

A perfect addition to the modern home

You may think that the nest of tables is confined to history or Grandma’s house. You may see them as old fashioned pieces of furniture that have no place in the modern home.

But you would be wrong because the nest of tables, along with many other pieces of furniture that could be seen as ‘old-fashioned’, have undergone change. They have been re-designed to take into account the need for style and functionality, but with modern flair.

What is a nest of tables?

The nest of tables is a small set of tables that graduate in size. There are normally three tables, from larger one at the top, to a smaller one in the middle and the smallest one being at the bottom of the stack.

The graduating size means they all fit together but without either the legs or top of one table and the underside of another touching.


This makes them a practical addition to any lounge or living area. They can be used to hold nibbles and drinks and when not needed, can be neatly stacked away.

An 18th century invention

Like many items of furniture, the nest of tables was invented centuries ago to answer a practical and functional need.

In larger, statelier homes, there was occasional need for small tables on which games could be played or needlework items to be temporarily stored. Thomas Sheraton identified the need and created a set of four tables, graduating in size that could be stored in the drawing-room and used as and when needed.

The modern nest of tables

We may not need a small table to lay a draughts board on or leave a calling card after a night of partying to thank the host, but we still need practical and functional items of furniture.

The nest of tables is the epitome of versatility;

  • When not in use, they stack away neatly but can be a small focal point of interest in a space
  • They can be used at impromptu gatherings, as a platform for drinks or other items.
  • They are the ideal height for card games,
  • They are also great for young children to sit at and enjoy colouring or drawing activities

Investing in a nest of tables will mean you have an item of furniture that will serve its purpose time and time again.

Choosing the perfect nest of tables

As you would expect, there is a large range of styles when it comes to the modern nest of tables. For a clean, minimalist look opt for glass nest of table as they make a real talking point but add functionality to a space, without cluttering it.

Wooden nest of tables are also popular, from dark traditional woods to lighter, modern wood finishes such as beech. There is also some stunning designer look nest of tables that complement the TV stand, bookcase and so on – why not choose the ultra-modern glass nest of tables with beech legs?

Whatever you're looking for in a nest of tables at Big Furniture Warehouse we're sure to have just what you need!


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