23 Money-saving Ideas for your Budget Bedroom Makeover

A great way to make your home feel a little fresher, is to invest some TLC in one of the rooms you spend the most time in: the bedroom. Although the kitchen and lounge are great for entertaining, it’s just as important to create a peaceful room where you can sleep, get ready for the day, or just relax and read a book.

In this article, we’re going to share some of our expert tips on how to decorate your bedroom on a budget, while still staying true to your personal sense of style.

How to decorate a bedroom on a budget

Making over a bedroom can appear pretty costly – but you may not need to spend money on contractors or expensive furniture to get a bedroom that you’ll love! You can really cut down on costs by being resourceful, using what you have, borrowing what you don’t, and buying affordable decor where possible.

From DIY hacks, to some cheeky money-saving tips, there are lots of ways to do a professional-looking bedroom makeover on a budget. We’ve compiled 23 of our top money-saving tips below, so you can get the bedroom of your dreams at a reasonable price.

Our top 15 money-saving decorating ideas

1. Repair and refresh your existing decor

A great way to save money when you’re decorating your home, is to use what you already have.

Often, when we’re faced with an item that’s broken or worn out, our first instinct is often to replace it. But challenging yourself to try to repair items like this before replacing them can teach you some new DIY skills and save you hundreds of pounds over the years.

For instance, if there’s a crack in your bedroom door, a tube of wood glue, some sandpaper, and a lick of paint could have it looking good as new in just one afternoon! Cracked mirrors can be mended with epoxy resin used for crafting, and scuffed furniture can be brought back to life with a coat of fresh varnish.

Look at your bedroom with fresh eyes, and decide whether you really need to buy lots of new home decor. It may be that the items you have just need a little care and attention!

2. Borrow tools, rather than buying them

DIY-ing your home decor is an excellent way to save on the expense of buying new things, but it may call for tools that you don’t already have in your home. Anybody who’s spent time fixing up their house can tell you that buying tools can really start to add up.

So don’t buy them! Ask your friends and family to see if they’d be willing to lend you some tools. So many DIY items, like electrics sanders, wallpaper strippers, and paintbrushes are things that we use once a year, or less. Save on money and space by sharing with your friends and neighbours – and be sure to return the favour!

Some communities even have dedicated ‘tool libraries’, where you can rent or borrow tools. Check your local community Facebook page or noticeboard to see if there is a tool library programme near you.

3. Ask around for leftover paint

Another DIY item that your friends and family may have tucked away in the garage, is leftover paint. When it comes to decorating, we often over-buy and are left with half-finished, or even full tins of paint that we don’t know what to do with.

Save you money on sample pots by asking friends for their leftover paint, so you can test out a few different colours and see how they look. They may even have enough for you to paint a wall or two, if you like the colour!

And it isn’t just wall paint that people often keep tucked away. See if your friends have any leftover metal paints which can be used for gates or radiators, or wood stain to spruce up your garden furniture.

Don’t forget to ask about paint thinners, trays, brushes, or old sheets to protect your carpet, too! Most people are very happy to share what they have, when they can.

A teal blue paint can with a paint roller, on a flattered cardboard box.

4. Add a statement wall or ceiling

Once you have some bargain paint, you can create a striking, designer look to your bedroom by adding a statement wall. Although light colours can make a room appear larger, having a pop of colour on a single wall will make your space feel refreshed and dynamic. Experiment with rich jewel tones, explosive primary colours, or deep shades like wine red and teal.

Or, for a really cutting-edge look, you could even utilise what designers refer to as the ‘fifth wall’ – your ceiling!

White and beige ceilings are typically the standard, and they do help to create a sense of space. But for fairly large bedrooms with high ceilings, you can get a little more daring and paint your ceiling an exciting accent colour. Choose one that will complement your space, and fit in with your overall sense of style.

5. Invest in low-cost, high-quality storage options

One way to refresh your space, for little to no money, is to look for ways to reduce clutter. Whether you do a full-on purge of your belongings, or pick up a cheap laundry hamper to stop you leaving clothes on the floor, keeping your bedroom tidy can really change how you feel when you walk into it.

Our customers love our versatile range of cube storage shelves, with a wide array of storage inserts to choose from. From patterned fabric cubes, to pink suedette, our cube storage systems are a more affordable option than many big-box furniture retailers, and are an excellent way to cut down on mess.

For more cost-effective storage ideas for your bedroom, you may also like to take a look at our article, 7 Bedroom Storage Solutions that Save Space.

6. Add another source of light

Sometimes what our space needs the most isn’t a physical piece of decor, but a little more illumination. See if any areas in your bedroom seem gloomy, or don’t get much light, and consider the difference that a standard lamp or some nice-looking candles could make.

If you’re not looking to add any more items to your room, take a look at your current lampshade and see if it could do with updating. Even tucking back your curtains properly, or trimming any foliage that’s covering your window, can allow more light to enter your bedroom. Use light to create a bright, airy space where you can read, rest, and recharge.

A bohemian bedroom, with plenty of plants, light-coloured throws and cushions

7. Try some trendy LED Tape

Another lighting option which takes up very little space, but looks extremely modern and effective, is LED lighting tape. These strips are typically self-adhesive, easy to apply, and feature a number of small LED lighting elements.

You can place LED tape behind furniture to create an eye-catching uplighting effect, or they fit beautifully alongside strong interior lines, such as door-frames or the meeting point between your walls and ceiling.

If you’d like to learn more about LED Tape, or shop an affordable range which includes warm and cool tones, as well as colour-changing lights, you may like to take a look at Simple Lighting’s LED Tape range. Simple Lighting are a reputable, UK retailer that specialises in both residential and commercial lights at prices to fit every budget.

8. Make your own wall art

Another area where many people can find themselves over-spending as they decorate, is wall art. Although it’s great to support local artists when you can, buying a canvas for every wall in your home would get very pricy, very quickly!

Shop around charity shops for nice quality picture frames, and see how creative you can get by creating wall art that is perfectly tailored for you. Why not try a collage of concert or cinema tickets, to remind you of fun days out with your family and friends? Or press flowers and leaves from your garden, for a handmade, nature-inspired display?

There is also plenty of wall-worthy art around us every day. Before throwing out a magazine, take a look to see if there are any beautiful photographs or glossy pages that you’d like to save and frame. Food, drink, and gardening magazines can be a great source of stunning, high-quality pictures.

9. Print out family photos

In the digital age, we’re constantly taking photos – but how often do we actually look through the ones we’ve taken? Let alone take them to print.

Printing photos has almost gone out of style, as we can post them straight from our smartphones to social media. However, there is certainly something to be said for choosing the best ones from your camera roll every few months and getting them printed. There are a number of highly affordable online photo printing services which will deliver photos directly to your house.

Fill your home and bedroom with the ones you love – whether it’s silly holiday photos, or a carefully posed portrait. If you live away from your family, keeping them close to you in this way can be a great source of comfort and brighten your mornings when you see them smiling down at you.

A collection of photographs pegged on brightly coloured string as a display.

10. Propagate plants from cuttings or grow them from seeds

Plants are a highly underrated item of decor, and if you’re clever about it, you can grow yourself an indoor jungle for mere pennies!

If you have a friend that’s got a green thumb, ask whether you can take cuttings from their houseplants to try to grow your own. Spider plants and succulents are particularly easy to propagate, which make them popular choices among houseplant fans.

Most garden centres also have a great selection of seeds, which can be more cost-effective than buying a plant ready-grown in the pot. There’s a real sense of accomplishment that comes from growing something from seed, which you don’t tend to get from the plastic plants you can buy!

11. Dry flowers and herbs for homemade garlands

Dried plants and foliage have been turning up in a number of interior design magazines, and are becoming must-have items in modern homes. Fitting the Boho aesthetic, whilst being sustainable and plastic-free, dried flowers and plants are a great way for eco-conscious homeowners to decorate their space.

While white pampas grass and dried flower garlands can fetch a pretty penny in stores and online, there’s nothing to stop you from drying bunches of flowers or herbs to create your own natural decor.

There are dozens of tutorials online for drying flowers, and it’s a great way to preserve sentimental items such as birthday bouquets – or even your wedding flowers!

12. Get crafty!

As mentioned above, the internet is a great resource when you’re looking to make over your bedroom for cheap. YouTube, Pinterest, and many other sites have step-by-step guides for everything – from sewing your own throw pillows, to creating elaborate macrame hangings. Customise your bedroom to your personal style by getting stuck into the world of DIY decor.

Although you may need to invest in initial materials such as sewing supplies or macrame string, you can find ingenious ways to repurpose materials from around the home as well. For instance, you could turn your old t-shirts into a one-of-a-kind rag rug, or any bent wire hangers into an elaborate dreamcatcher for your child’s bedroom.

These craft ideas can be turned into a whole-family activity, teaching kids the importance of upcycling, and giving them the chance to decorate their bedrooms exactly how they want.

An intricate macrame wall hanging on a white wall.

13. Shop your local charity shops

Whilst the call of big box home decor and furniture stores may be strong, never underestimate the treasures you can find second-hand. As well as saving money, shopping for home decor in charity and antique shops means that you’re more likely to find something unique that you won’t see in your friends’ bedrooms when you next visit.

You can even time your charity shop visits to coincide with big ‘decluttering’ events. Try going a couple of days after a bank holiday, when people have taken advantage of the spare time to have a big clear-out.

Another one to look out for, if you live in a student city, is the end of the academic year. Students travelling home, moving accommodation, or even leaving university for good typically want to travel light, and there are some great charity shop finds to be had afterwards! Electronics, office furniture, and books can all be picked up for a fraction of their usual price.

14. Organise a swap meet with friends

We’re all guilty of buying or holding onto items that we don’t really want or need that much. Maybe it’s a mirror that turned out to be a little too big for your space. Or, a gift that you were given that doesn’t really fit in with your decor. It can be hard to get rid of these items – even if they aren’t sparking joy.

Alleviate your guilt by finding a new home for these random bits of decor, and organising a swap meet with your friends. Ask them all to bring some drinks or snacks, as well as any bits of home decor that they’ve been wanting to get rid of, or exchange for something else.

With a little luck, everybody can come away with something new that they love. It helps if your friends have similar taste and style to you, but stepping outside of your comfort zone can also breathe a bit of life into your home!

15. Change the curtains

Swapping out an old, tired pair of curtains can really brighten up a bedroom. You can find cheap curtains and blinds in many charity and vintage shops, saving you money on buying brand new. Just make sure to check they’re still in good condition.

If you want to add more light to a bedroom, swapping dark curtains or blinds for a lighter colour can make it feel more spacious. Curtains can make or break a bedroom, adding pattern and colour. And if you’re crafty, you can even make your own curtains.

A pair of white linen curtains, in front of a modern rocking chair with a fur throw draped across it.

16. Rearrange the layout

If you’re interested in Feng shui, you’ll already know the negative affect a bad bedroom layout can have. From making the most of light sources, to using space efficiently, ensuring you have the best layout possible for your bedroom is a huge mood-booster.

Moving furniture around takes a lot of time and effort, so try layouts out virtually first to make sure everything still fits. Either with an app, a video game like The Sims, or with paper cut-outs. Just watch out for revealed patches of untouched carpet or wall.

17. Hide with throws

Throws, blankets and textiles can hide a manner of sins. Ugly settee that’s still comfy? Cover it with a cute throw and nobody will ever know, and you’ve saved yourself potentially hundreds of pounds. You can change the look of a whole corner in a flash.

Throws add Bohemian chic to any room, and there are infinite cosy materials and designs to choose from. Don’t stop with your sofa – throws can add new life to a bed with a boring duvet or even a battered old desk. Here’s how to make them stay in place.

18. Accessories as decor

Working with what you’ve got is key to budget bedroom decor. Using clothing and accessories as decor just takes a few command hooks and creativity. Decorate a wall with scarves, hats, handbags, jewellery and more for a cheap decor idea.

Using accessories as decor isn’t just a cheap way to decorate your bedroom, it helps you remember what you own. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have loads of accessories stuffed inside a box that never see the light of day – let them breathe!

19. Fantastic fairy lights

Whatever your age, a wall full of fairy lights is sure to make you smile. They make the shabbiest of bedrooms look like the latest Channel 4 drama, and you don’t have to buy the fancy ones. Clear string lights with a warm glow will work with anything.

The way you hang your fairy lights can make or break the look, so position them carefully. This video has loads of inspiration for how to hang them. They can also replace a bedside lamp if you prefer a softer glow, and there are even colour-changing types.

A cosy reading nook in a home, with fairy lights, a hot drink and open book.

20. Add new knobs

If you can’t afford to replace a chest of drawers or a cupboard, why not just replace the knobs? Some integrated sliderobes and furniture are ruined by boring or ugly knobs, but you can just twist them off and replace them with something more exciting.

Amazon should be your first stop for replacement knobs, and they have some fantastic vintage-look ceramic designs which look way more expensive than they are. Add character and colour to a bedroom, without replacing a whole piece of furniture.

21. Hide with rugs

If your bedroom flooring or carpet is looking a bit threadbare, replacing it completely might be a bit out of your budget. Buying a rug (or rugs!) can hide away the worst patches and bring the room together. They’re a cheap way to transform a dull bedroom.

Many websites sell rugs at discounted prices, or you can find barely-used rugs at charity shops if you love a bargain. If you’re crafty, you can even create a unique patchwork rug from carpet remnants. Here’s a blog post on how to make your own rug.

22. Display your books

At the risk of looking like a bookshop, books can be a money-saving way to decorate a room. Rather than filling an empty shelf with new accessories, prop up your favourite books, so you can see their covers. You’ll be showing off your great taste, too.

This blog is filled with ideas for decorating your home with books. You can order books by colour, creating a rainbow effect, or turn them spine-inwards if you’re a strict minimalist. As is the theme of this blog, using what you’ve already got saves money!

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A 4-piece bedroom furniture set in graphite grey, including a wardrobe, chest of drawers and 2 night stands.

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