Modern Dining Redefined: 15 Ideas To Transform Your Dining Room

The dining room is the heart of any family home. A space for family dinners, or late-night board game sessions, it can be difficult to find ways to fully customise your dining room to your needs.

The right look for your dining room is key to bringing together the overall look of your home. The following modern dining room ideas are some examples of how you can achieve this.

Above: Living Live 1.5m Dining Table

1. Adding Some Pastels

If you don’t want to commit to bold or harsh colours for your dining area, instead add some softer pastels. Whether it’s the colour of the walls or the vase you use as a table centrepiece, pastel colours are a great way to add some subtle colour to your space. 

2. A Pop Of Colour

Maybe you want something much bolder than pastels, there are plenty of vibrant colour options for any aspect of your room. From a crimson feature wall to teal upholstery, make your space your own with your own signature colour combination.

3. The Addition Of Nature

Adding natural pieces to your dining room can be a really simple way to add some small pieces that complement your space. Try adding a driftwood table centrepiece, or some rough crystals as trinkets for the bookcase.

If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, buying hardwood tables and chairs is a great way to introduce natural materials into the room.

4. Flowers and Plants

The addition of plants and flowers to your dining room can not only add some extra colour to your space, but they also hold some hidden functionality. For example, adding flowers to the centre of your dining table will look and smell good. Certain potted plants also hold hidden functions, such as air purifying qualities.

Above: Aspen Angle Iron Dining Table Set

5. Modern Designs

Perhaps you’re interested in a more modern look for your space. Using less natural materials, such as hardwood furniture, and instead choosing furniture with a less “classic” look, like a resin-topped table, is a great way to make your dining room more classy. 

6. Patterned Walls

In rooms with simpler furniture, using wallpaper is an efficient way to include a range of patterns and designs in your dining room. From paisley to block colour patterns, there is a wallpaper to suit any room and colour scheme. 

7. Add Some Height

While it is typical for a dining room to be designed around a central dining table, this doesn’t have to be the case for every room. Try adding some higher seating with a breakfast bar, or something lower down with some soft seating, such as beanbags.

Giving your space these different levels is a great way to visually separate different sections of your dining room.

8. Creating Different Spaces

Looking to make your dining room less traditional? Adding extra, more quirky, “stations” to your room can be a great way to add some extra personality to the space. Drinks, snack, and breakfast bars are great options for adding something different to your space. 

Above: Corona Solid Wood Breakfast Set with 2 Stools

9. Making the Space More Intimate

If you’re really focused on making the space more for gatherings, then finding ways to make the room feel more warm and intimate is key. A simple way to do this is the combination of dark walls and soft, warm lighting.

Another way this can be done tastefully is by using a smaller centre dining table, this is an easy way to make your room feel bigger and allows for your loved ones to be physically closer.

10. Know When and How to Use Dark Colours

When using darker colours in your space, it is important to be aware of the drastic change they can make. If you want to use a darker colour on your walls, make sure your room gets enough natural light, as this will help you avoid making the room feel smaller. 

An easier way to incorporate darker colours into your colour scheme is to either choose one statement wall or a couple of statement pieces of furniture. Make sure your chosen dark colour compliments the rest of the room to avoid the room feeling cluttered.

11. Built-in Features

The addition of solid, built-in features to your dining room is a great way to create some separation in the room without the overall look of the room becoming disjointed. For example, adding in a built-in mini, self-service bar will give our room a classy feel.

This can be easily achieved by improvising with existing furniture. Fixing together small display cabinets to create a new table, or fixing draw storage pieces to the wall to separate parts of your room, is an easy way to use unlikely pieces of furniture.

12. Painting Walls

If wallpaper isn’t for you, painting is the way forward. Whether you want plain block coloured walls, or a full mural, painting your walls offers much more creative freedom than sticking to preprinted patterns offered by wallpaper.

Above: Corona Grey Table & 4 Chairs

13. Rustic Features

If you don’t want a modern look for your dining room, try reimplementing some more classic, rustic features. The addition of a barn door, brass light fixtures, or bench seating is an easy way to bring some nostalgic warmth back to your dining area.

14. Play With Texture

Texture isn’t something to just be felt by our hands. Mixing textures that look visibly different is a fun way to bring life back into your dining room without making it feel cluttered. Plush cushions on wooden chairs, or a fluffy rug on top of a hardwood floor, are some ways that you can add some dimension to your room with textures.

15. Finishing Touches

Once you’ve successfully decorated your dining area, all that’s left is to add the small details to really finish the space. It could be the right wall hanging to fill an awkward space on the wall, finding the right colour candles for the centre of the table, or a table runner that pulls the whole colour scheme together. Pay attention to the fine details of your room to really make it come alive.

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Above: Faro White Dining Table 2 Grey Lisbon Chairs

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