Which dining table shape is best for me?

Dining tables are the heart of the kitchen, and in many homes, they’re the main attraction of the ground floor. In its lifetime, you’ll spend hours upon hours at your dining table, indulging in one of the most enjoyable tasks of human existence – eating!

Dining tables are a wonderful place to gather with your friends or family, to catch up on the day’s events, or even as a creative space to craft, bake, or write.

Because of the significance they can have in our homes, it can be tricky to decide on the perfect dining table. Not many people realise that selecting a shape for your dining table is just as important as deciding on the style. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help you decide which shape dining table is best for you.

The Best Dining Table Shape for a Small Kitchen

The fact of the matter is that not everybody has space for an enormous, ten-seater dining table. For those of us living in small houses, apartments, or even studio flats, it can still mean a lot to have a place where we can unwind, enjoy a meal, or have a cup of coffee with a friend.

When space is at a premium, a good dining table choice for a small space can be a table that is;

  • Adjustable, or
  • Can be used as more than just a dining table

Why not try out an innovative lift-up coffee table, which converts to a handy dining surface and even features some bonus storage space? These types of table are perfect for studio apartments and homes without a dedicated dining space in the kitchen. With just one easy movement, you can comfortably eat dinner from your sofa, without the precarious feeling of eating off your knees.

A coffee table with a lift-up lid, with books and magazines stored inside it.

If you’re not a big fan of eating in front of the telly, we have so many other options. Our classic Corona Breakfast Bar is a space-saving dining solution, with a drop-leaf tabletop to give you more space when you need it, and less when you don’t.

This two-seater table features a modern, light grey finish and comes with two attractive stools which can be tucked underneath when not in use. This lovely little breakfast bar is space-efficient, even for very small kitchens.

A drop-leaf table with two matching stools which fit underneath, in an attractive light grey colour.

Best Dining Table Shapes for Larger Spaces

If you have more space to play with in your kitchen, or even a separate dining area, this means you have a lot more options when it comes to dining table shapes.

Whether you’re a smaller family, or you love to entertain, here are some great dining table choices to consider for larger rooms.

Square Dining Tables

Ideal for couples, or a four-person family, a square dining table fits neatly against a wall or in a kitchen corner, to preserve space. With an equal amount of space between guests, square dining tables promote closeness and conversation, so you can all share the details of your day over a tasty meal.

If you’re a couple, you may like to try our space-saving Baldwin Square Glass Dining Table. This elegant, modern glass-top has extra storage below the tabletop, ideal for recipe books, placemats, and any other bits and pieces. The white honeycomb design of the storage shelf, paired with the beech legs, give this 80cm x 80cm dining table a very stylish look.

Easy to move and highly versatile, this dining table is a great choice for apartments, student accommodation, and even places of business.

A small glass top dining table, with a square tabletop and storage beneath

Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables with the curved edge allow you to fit as many, or as few people, as you like! Without being restricted by the number of sides available, round dining tables make it easy to add another chair for a surprise guest. They can also be a great space for close family activities like doing a jigsaw, painting, or other types of craft. Get that valuable face-to-face time with your loved ones with a stylish, round dining table!

Another cosy choice for couples or small families is our Dark Addison Round Table. This trendy piece of dining furniture is made of solid mango wood, and reclaimed metal for a stunning dark brown and bronze effect. This table seats four, and with its angled legs and eye-catching tabletop design, your guests are sure to remark on your interesting new dining set.

If you’d like to learn more about mango wood, you can also visit our complete mango wood care guide, to learn more about taking care of your new dining table.

Oval Shaped Dining Tables

Whilst smaller, intimate tables have their charms, if you have a larger family or love to have guests, an oval shaped table may give you more space without dominating the room. Longer than they are wide, oval shaped tables promote an easy flow of conversation and ensures that everybody seated at them feels included.

Aptly named, our Tapas Dining Table is made from 100% rubberwood, has a smooth varnished finish, and is perfect for family dinners with plenty of small dishes for sharing. This table is also extendable, meaning you can comfortably seat four people around it, or extend the hidden inner panel at the centre to seat six instead.

A simple design with Shaker-style legs, this attractive wooden dining table is a great way to save space, while still being able to host friends and family with ease.

A pine, drop lead dining table in an attractive room with stylish grey walls

Rectangular Dining Tables

A classic style for medium to large dining spaces, a rectangular dining table gives you plenty of space, not only for family meals, but for the table to double as a workspace, creative area for kids, and much more. A comforting hub of calm in a busy house, the right rectangular dining table can give a real feeling of welcome when you arrive home.

At Big Furniture Warehouse, we have a number of rectangular tables in our Dining Furniture range, but one of the most popular without a doubt must be the Corona Grey Dining Table. Part of our bestselling Corona range, this light grey table with an oak finish tabletop is a great addition to your modern farmhouse decor. This rustic dining table seats six people, and can be purchased alongside the matching Corona Grey Dining Chairs for a cohesive look.

Extendable Dining Tables

Extendable dining tables give you the best of both worlds. Like the Tapas dining table we mentioned above, dining tables with built-in extenders give you the choice to have a large, spacious dining table for entertaining, or a smaller family dining table for everyday use.

Normally containing folding panels, that can be unfolded by sliding the two ends of the dining table out. Extenders will typically add a couple of extra square feet to your dining space – plenty of space to add two more guests, or some extra serving plates.

Drop-leaf dining tables are another extendable style, but rather than hidden panels in the centre, the ends of the table can either be dropped down, or propped up, depending on how much of your dining table surface you want available.

If you’re looking for a contemporary extendable dining table for your space, you may like to consider the Sydney Extending Dining Table. The Sydney comfortably seats six people, but can be extended via the folding panels in the centre to accommodate eight people. Ideal for large families, and gathering with plenty of friends. The extra space makes for a really comfortable dining experience, without any spills or bumping elbows!

A pine dining table with light grey painted legs, and matching dining chairs.

Odd-shaped Dining Tables

If you have an unusual or non-standard dining space, your options aren’t limited to the dining table shapes above. You may need to shop around, but there are a number of irregular dining table shapes out there, which can make a unique centrepiece in your home.

You may like to look out for:

L-shaped Dining Tables

These booth-style dining tables are a fantastic way to turn a corner of your kitchen into a designated dining area. With integrated benches lining two walls, and a rectangular or square dining table, you can create a personalised eating area that is custom-built for you and your family.

Teardrop-shaped Dining Tables

These modern tables tend to come in smaller sizes, but are very trendy and popular with both students and young professionals due to their unique shape. You’re likely to see plenty of teardrop-shaped dining tables in interior design magazines, thanks to their attractive curved edges and innovative design. These tables often come with a stylish, tripod base, and in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Half Moon Dining Tables

Similar to a drop, leaf table, half moon tables are circular dining tables which can be folded in half to sit comfortably against a wall. These can be a great choice for couples, or people who live solo. A half moon dining table and a pair of chairs take up very little space, even in quite small rooms, but can be folded out to seat four if you have guests.

Finding your perfect dining table shape: Final thoughts

Whatever dining table shape you go for, we hope you’re able to make it a place to connect with your friends and family and a truly tranquil place in your home. If you’re looking for the perfect chair to pair with your new dining table, you may like to take a look at our range of affordable Dining Chairs.

If you’d like to explore more options for levelling up your kitchen or dining room, you can also browse our collection of Kitchen and Dining Furniture for dining stools, kitchen cupboards, and much more. Or, if it’s decorating ideas you’re after, you may like to visit the Big Furniture Warehouse blog for ideas to level up both your home and garden.

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