Starplast Garden Cabinet
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Starplast Garden Cabinet
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Starplast Garden Cabinet
WAS £79.99 SAVE £20.00
WAS €91.57 SAVE €22.90
WAS $113.19 SAVE $28.30
WAS $146.60 SAVE $36.65
WAS DKK682.07 SAVE DKK170.54
WAS NOK876.87 SAVE NOK219.24
WAS SEK933.60 SAVE SEK233.43
WAS $145.69 SAVE $36.43
Starplast Garden Cabinet

Quick Code: 10-811 Heavy Duty Beige-Green

Starplast Garden Cabinet

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Starplast Garden CabinetStarplast Garden CabinetStarplast Garden CabinetStarplast Garden Cabinet

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Alex - Would highly recommend saved our Bbq from a rainy day . So easy , gazebo was up in minutes

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eavy Duty Cabinet

Low Heavy Duty Cabinet

This Low Heavy Duty Cabinet has the size and strength to store your gardening equipment to protect them from the weather all year round.

Available in Mocha/Brown, or Green/ Beige.

Why Buy?

  • Low Heavy Duty Cabinet for the garden
  • Outdoor storage for garden equipment and more
  • Durable all-weather-resistant plastic
  • Lockable: just add a padlock
  • Breathable to avoid condensation
  • With three different sized shelf spaces, it has great storage for your trowels and mini forks, your buckets, bedding compost or fertiliser, feed and protection sprays, gloves and knee cushions, plus even your wellies.

    Of course you can also use it to tidy away much more when theyre not in use garden toys, barbecue bits and bobs, bird feed, lights lanterns and even to dry out logs.

    Strong, robust and durable its a heavy duty design made from hardwearing plastic thats tough enough to beat the weather, whether its rain, sleet or snow. Plus, it allows air to flow in and out, so its breathable to avoid the build-up of condensation.

    You can keep everything safe and secure as you can just add a padlock onto the doors of this Cabinet.

    Heavy duty it is, but it doesnt come with a hefty price tag. As its flatpacked, its easy for you to put together. We reward you for this with a lower price as it costs us less to store and send it this way.

    Size (H) 98m (W) 72cm (D) 52.2cm

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